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Frequently Asked Questions


We have been working in the Roofing and guttering industry since 2006.

Yes, ROOF REVIVAL does hold a valid builders licence. BLD328061

ROOF REVIVAL is insured with public liability that covers us as tradesmen, with accidental injury and any damage to your property.

A full restoration takes about 3-4 working days. We need proper weather conditions to achieve the best result. For high pressure cleaning or installing gutters, rain is normally not an issue. However, for flexi pointing caps and painting we require dry conditions and if the weather forecasted over 33 degrees the job will have to be painted over two consecutive days.

Once a written invoice/Quote and the quote is accepted. A deposit is required to be paid to lock in a starting date. On the day of completion, the remaining balance is due to be paid.

INSPECTION Your roof and gutters are inspected by a qualified Tradesman.

REPLACE Damaged tiles are replaced.

CLEAN The roof is cleaned using high pressure water.

RE-BED All ridge capping is re- bedded where needed.

RE-POINT Ridge capping is then re -pointed with a flexible acrylic pointing mixture.

PRIMER The entire roof area is coated with a sealer/primer to ensure strong adhesion of the roof membrane.

PAINT X2 top coats of colour membrane is applied.

We only use the top of the range products to ensure longevity and quality!

Our materials: We have two different brands of roofing membrane which is Dulux Acratex and Acryloc (south Australian made). These products are water based and our made for South Australia’s weather conditions.

For our guttering we use Next generation Colorbond steel.

Rhone Leaf Mesh for our gutter guard

Roof revival will require access to front and back of your property. Access to electrical power and water tap is needed.

There is a five year workmanship warranty. Both Dulux and Acryloc give a ten year warranty.

The best process to do this is to have your roof high pressure washed first. After this is completed contact your solar company and ask them to install rails and wiring. ROOF REVIVAL will fully restore the roof and leave you with spare coated tiles and touch up paint. The solar companies final task is to connect the panels to the railing.

Yes, the majority of roof we restore now days do have solar panels. We high pressure the roof and rinse all panels. When it’s time for painting we cover all panels with a plastic film and paint underneath the panels so all visible tiles are coated with primer and colour.

Ridge- caps only require rebedding if the caps are:


*Mortar is loose and falling away from ridge-cap and tile.

If we were to rebed solid caps we end up breaking a lot of caps and tiles underneath.

The customer has an option if they would like us apply an anti mould coat. Both Dulux and Acryloc brands recommend one coat of primer and two coats of paint.

The painting process takes one day to apply all coats. As long as the weather is between 13 degrees and 33 degrees Celsius.

We understand that during business hours people are busy with work. We do not require you to be at home. If we can gain access we are happy to do an inspection and discuss and queries or concerns you have.